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.458 SOCOM Rock River Arms Rifle with Black Butterfly Ammo

In our years of working with manufacturers to function, test and produce ammunition for the .458 SOCOM, we have built relationships with the manufacturers listed below. We not only recommend them, but have also created lines of communication between our service staff and theirs. By doing this, we provide the resources needed to assist our customers if they have function problems with our ammunition. In most cases, we also have a test rifle manufactured to their specs or have sent them ammunition to test fire in their new builds. Please use the manufacturers listed below with confidence and contact us. If you have any problems using our ammunition in their builds. If your problem is outside our scope of expertise, we will put you in touch with their .458 SOCOM service department representative.  For additional information and or test videos and photos featuring these firearms or barrels listed below, please visit our YouTube channel or our Instagram page.

Bear Creek Arsenal

Bishop Firearms

Black Rain Ordnance



Jones Arms

Radical Firearms

Rock River Arms

SATERN Cut Rifled Barrels

Southern Ballistic Research

Tagonist Custom Gun Works


Viking Armament 

V Seven Weapon Systems

For additional parts needs, please visit our friends at Brownells.

For 80% lowers matched with uppers chambered in .458 SOCOM, visit our friends at Warr Dogz

To become an “approved manufacturer”, please contact us via our dealer sign up page by "CLICKING HERE".

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